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Carole Finn has had a lifetime of leadership  in Haliburton Ontario to establish a school -the Haliburton School of Art and Design, a public art Gallery -Rails End Gallery and a handful of art groups of differing disciplines.  After receiving the Queens Medal and many other awards for her work, Finn finally followed her hearts desire -to be a full-time professional artist in 2009. During those years of public service Carole’s education as an artist continued, firstly. at OCAD and York University Fine Arts in Toronto and of course, at her beloved community College , Haliburton, HSAD. It was at this school that she continuously enjoyed courses over the years with many of the countries top artists.

Her artistic intent was well conceived at the beginning of her professional art career. A plaque at the entrance of her Gallery/Studio where she worked and exhibited tells the story of her paintings

“My paintings, which are done in series, are an attempt to show beautiful locations whose natural integrity has either been altered by human intervention or is about to be. What is the cost our imposition on the virginal status of these lands and the inhabitants therein?”

In her landscapes, she attempts to capture not only the spirit of the place but also the atmosphere. Subjects painted are chosen to create iconographic images that make the whole area unique. Her style uses shapes, value and color to build the drama. Her animals which are part of the fabric of the environments she paints tell their stories and ask their questions through their eyes.

Finn who has always had her own gallery to exhibit her work has also had solo exhibitions and group shows in many public art galleries in Ontario. She is an elected member of the prestigious Ontario Society of Artists - OSA, Color and Form Society-CFS, and a Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists -SFCA. Her work graces walls in Canada but also England Germany and in France.

Carole has been a teacher of note for many years holding weekly classes in her Studio/Gallery called the Finn Artists’ Centre in Minden in Haliburton County Ontario. In 2020 Finn moved to Victoria BC. Since then her classes have moved Online and can be found on her website.

  • Queen's Medal - for outstanding community service awarded by the Queen through the Canadian Government
  • Fellowship of Applied Education awarded by Sir Sandford Fleming College
  • Highlander of the Year - awarded by the Haliburton County Chamber of Commerce
  • Board of Governors for Sir Sandford Fleming Community College - appointed by the College for 8 years.
  • Professional Recognition elected to the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA)
  • The Federation of Canadian Artists awarded SSFCA standing for artistic achievement.
Carole Finn Artist in the Haliburton Forest


Community volunteer Carole Finn was presented with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal at the Haliburton Campus of Fleming College.

Ms. Finn has been a dedicated volunteer in Haliburton for close to 50 years, contributing as a teacher, an artist, a mentor, and fundraiser. A champion of the arts, her community, and Fleming College, it was her determination and vision that helped shape the development of the Haliburton Highlands as a centre for the arts. Ms. Finn was one of a small group of individuals who were responsible for envisioning and working to create Fleming College’s campus in Haliburton with a focus on the arts. This campus is now known world-wide as the Haliburton School of The Arts (HSTA).

And from the beginning, Ms. Finn played a pivotal role in HSTA – as an organizer, fundraiser, mentor, host to new faculty, and colleague to fellow artists. She has been instrumental in building bridges between HSTA and the community. Ms. Finn has also served on the college’s Board of Governors and as director of the college’s Foundation board. As Chair of the Haliburton Campus Fundraising Committee, she oversaw more than $100,000 raised toward a scholarship fund for students. She was also an integral part of the committee that raised $2.4 million toward the construction of a new campus, which opened in 2004. In 2003 Ms. Finn received the college’s Fellowship in Applied Education in honour of her service.

Beyond the college, Ms. Finn was founder and first curator of Rails End Gallery and she has worked with two committees of the Haliburton County Development Corporation. She now works professionally as a painter and printmaker, having founded The Carole Finn Art Gallery.

-Laura Copeland, Communications Officer, Fleming College