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Going Up: Fallen Logs, Haliburton Forest Ontario

Going Up: Fallen Logs, Haliburton Forest Ontario

What a world to paint! This picture invites us to stand in the heat of the autumn sun and to enjoy it shining through the leaves making them almost transparent. Catch the beauty of the orange-coloured leaves on the right tree. Then observe the dark and light, warm and cool, outlines of the perpendicular trees as they dance us around the picture. The shapes of the trees in the foreground are deep and hard edged, standing against the brilliance of the light behind them. Their formation swoops us on to the middle-ground, then background where trees, outlined in recessive cool blue, become softer looking. There is no doubt that we are going up the hill.


Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 24"
Original Sold


Giclée on Paper
26" x 20"