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Moose and Calf Algonquin Park

Moose and Calf Algonquin Park

It was early morning, with fog starting to burn off. The moose was crossing from the Swamp Trail just outside the entrance to the Interpretive Centre at Algonquin Park. I did get a picture of a Moose cow. The calf I am afraid was added. Much research went into compositing this picture. The spiral effect around the cows of triangle shapes are repeated in the coniferous trees meant to bring the viewer around the painting and gradually rest on the calf. The calf stares unafraid and trustingly out of the picture. The cool hue of the blue on the road contrasted with the brilliant warm tones of the animal. Crackle paste was added to make the rough texture on the road around the very smooth and shiny moose, giving more emphasizes to the two, very majestic animals.


Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 36"


Giclée on Paper
30" x 24"