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About The Event

September 20, 2022 - September 23, 2022

Join award winning artist Carole Finn as she shares her deep love for the wild, untamed landscapes of the Pacific Rim, one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

In this 4 day course for all levels of artists, Carole will help you to find and nurture your own painting style, with an understanding of modern impressionism and landscape art; share her well-honed techniques of mastering of Photoshop to demonstrate its use in making good decisions in choosing the right color, value and composition; and learn how to use the software in painting a landscape that will astonish you with their depth and value.

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Fee: $695.00

Art On The Edge


Expect your 4 days with Carole to offer daily structure, yet experience the flexibility to be able to work with artists of varying abilities. In other words, depending on your specific interests and abilities, you can self direct your choices for how to spend your day, yet still gain from group class time.

Typical daily schedule:

  • Meet each morning before 8:30, have a discussion/ lesson, then leave to go out on the trail or stay.
  • Some will want to do Pleine Aire. Others will want to take pictures and return to the studio.
  • Lunch between 12 and 1 p.m.
  • 3:00 p.m. we will return to the studio for a critique and lesson.
  • 4:00 p.m.: Daily closing.

If you have an inkling to paint landscapes, this is the course for you.


Canadian artist Carole Finn is a passionate advocate of celebrating and safeguarding the wild, natural spaces of Canada. In her lifetime as an artist and art educator, she established on of Canada’s lauded art colleges, the Haliburton School of Art and Design; in the Great Canadian Shield of Ontario; has founded various public art galleries with a mission based role to introduce art and engage with the surrounding community; and has incubated various art groups of differing disciplines into the Haliburton Guild of the Arts.

In 2009, after receiving the Queens Medal and many other awards for her work, Finn finally followed her heart’s desire to be a full-time professional artist in 2009, bringing to life her years of study at OCAD,York University Fine Arts in Toronto and lastly at her beloved Community College, Haliburton HSAD.

In her landscapes, Carole attempts to capture not only the spirit of the place but also its atmosphere.

The images she chooses to paint, are iconographic; representing that particular and unique place. She loves using shapes, value and color to build the drama in her compositions. Her animals, which are part of the fabric of these environments, tell their stories and ask the viewer questions through their eyes.

Carole is a passionate educator; and loves sharing her love for art and the technique of making art. A recently full time transplant to the west coast of British Columbia; she is now based in Oak Bay, Victoria BC; and is eager to bring her mentoring to artists of all abilities in this exciting course, Art on the Edge.

Awards + Recognition

  • Queen’s Medal- for outstanding community service awarded by the Queen through the Canadian Government
  • Fellowship of Applied Education awarded by Sir Sandford Fleming College
  • Highlander of the Year- awarded by the Haliburton County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Board of Governors for Sir Sandford Fleming Communiyty College - appointed by the College for 8 years.
  • Professional Recognition elected to the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA)
  • The Federation of Canadian Artists awarded SSFCA standing for artistic achievement.



This is a check list. When you enroll you will be asked to email back 4 of the most important topics that apply to your artistic growth

  1. Getting Started-Theory
    Learning to apply Photoshop tools to Lecture / Demo/Slide Presentation

    • Using your devices and camera as Helpmates.
    • The Camera as a Tool to get the right Picture.
    • Composition - The Start: Rule of Thirds, creating a path for the focal Point, Cropping an Image
    • Value Black and White to Colour.
    • Fine-Tuning Composition for establishing Focal Point: Contrast using light and dark.
    • Soft Edges-Hard Edges.
    • Colour How the Eye sees and where does colour come from. Reading Colour characteristics, Colour Families: Primary Colours. Mixing to get any Colour / Value Colour Temperature - Warm/Cool (Evening).
  2. Getting to Work
    • Making a Notan / Using a view finder
    • Understanding Materials
    • Brush Strokes,
    • Preparation of Canvas
  3. Getting to Your Next Piece:
    • The development of Modern Art Impressionism to now.
    • Finding Your own Style

Many painters use various apps to help them with their pictures. Some have very steep learning curves.

All these apps are trying to do in some small way what Photoshop offers. Why not learn how to do all these skills in the real software itself?

Learning to use Photoshop as a part of your art tools is what we will all do. Advanced painters can count on Carole’s years of Photoshop experience to up level their skillset and increase the efficiency with which they work.

4 days. Wild Vistas Ocean Air.
A Vacation to do something you love. Join us.


A final materials list will be sent upon registration.

You will need to bring all the supplies you need.

There is nowhere on the Rim to buy art supplies.


Fee: $695.00

What’s Included in your course fees:

  • 4 days of instruction + guidance with your lead instructor.
  • Venue
  • Carole’s personal guide for identifying painting locations

What the price does not include:

Accommodation, meals and travel to and from Ucluelet


The course will be held at the modern and sustainably designed Ucluelet Community Center, a few steps away from the ocean’s edge, wild vistas and the trails to get us there.

500 Matterson Dr,
Ucluelet, BC
V0R 3A0, Canada

To learn more about the location and facilities, please visit:


Payment for the course is due on registration If your course cancellation is made within 30 days of the course commencement: the payment is completely non-refundable, non-transferable; except in the cases of travel and force majeure, earthquakes, lockdowns and other emergency instances, where fees will be refunded minus admin costs of $100.

If participants are able to transfer to new dates, should this be the case; there will be no transfer fees for a new course.

“My paintings are an attempt to show beautiful locations
whose natural integrity has either been altered by human
intervention or is about to be. What is the cost of our
imposition on the virginal status of these lands and the
inhabitants therein?” Carole Finn, 2018.



All you want to know is on this site. Watch and get excited. This is the perfect spot to bring your family. They have lots to do while you paint.

Fishing. Golfing. Whale watching (this is migration time, so you are sure to see lots even from shore). Aquarium. Biking. Hiking on Trails too numerous to mention. Surfing (Known as Maui North). Tofino (only 40 minutes away)


UCLUELET is 179 miles from Victoria, a scenic 3-hour drive from the Departure Bay ferry in Nanaimo and 20 minutes from Tofino Airport


Tofino – 40 Minutes. Port Alberni – 1.5 Hours.
Nanaimo – 2.5 – 3 Hours. Victoria – 4 Hours

To reach Ucluelet from the British Columbia mainland, you’ll first need to take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay, or Tsawwassen, to Nanaimo. The Horseshoe Bay terminal is north of Vancouver and this ferry route takes just under 2 hours while the Tsawwassen terminal is south of the city, closer to the USA border and it takes just a little over 2 hours.

The Horseshoe Bay ferry arrives at the Departure Bay terminal in Nanaimo while the Tsawwassen ferry arrives at the Duke Point terminal just about 15 minutes south of the city.

  • Travel north on Highway 19 for 43 km (26 miles),
  • Take Exit 60 onto Highway 4 (also known as the Pacific Rim Highway) heading west for 156 km (97 miles). You will drive through spectacular Cathedral Grove, historic Port Alberni (drive straight downhill and turn right at the junction/river), and on the winding road around Sproat and Kennedy Lakes.
  • You will also drive through scenic Sutton Pass, at an altitude of 250m (850 feet) – where we especially recommend heeding to the speed limit. Travel westward until you come to the junction between Tofino and Ucluelet.
  • Turn left at the Tofino/Ucluelet junction and drive south towards Ucluelet for 8 km (5 miles).

THE WEATHER: (What to Wear)Always check your weather app.

The west coast of North America can be foggy especially in the mornings and evenings. The ocean current flows from the arctic. On the other hand, when the sun comes out it can be warm and lovely. The bottom line is to bring clothing for cold weather, rain and sun. 🙂


  • Tofino Bus: Bus service from Victoria to Ucluelet daily. Phone: (866) 986-3466 ; Web:
  • Budget Car Rentals: Pick up and drop off locations in Ucluelet & Tofino Airport. Phone: (250) 725-2060 ; Web:
  • Pacific Rim Navigators-Shuttle Service: Phone: (250) 725-8399 ; Web:
  • BC Ferries: Phone: (888) BC FERRY ((888) 223-3779); Web: