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Guided Learning

Guided Learning

Learning to paint but at your own pace CONFUSED about next steps!

OIL OR ACRYLIC- This is many classes put together in one container. The point of this unit is to give you the start to finish tools to complete a painting of your own choice at your own speed in 6 months from your sign up. At the end of 6 months your subscription ends. A list of Art Supplies will be sent on REGISTRATION.

  • The Unit contains 8 movies that will take you through all the steps one at a time to paint your picture. It is laid out in chapters. You do the work laid out in each chapter of the movie. The movie is accessed through Vimeo with a password and ID.
  • In addition to the video Carole does a painting of a scene that is in the movie. This is a slide show of the painting progressing through the steps
  • To help you along the way you make an appointment for 3 ZOOM Half hour meetings. You can arrange these whenever you want by emailing or messaging Carole. It is a good idea to start with one Zoom Meeting and then another as your painting progresses and another for a critique at the end.
  • For further help you may want to add to your subscription a “Personal Mentoring” session that is described on the “Learn” page of the site should you require more one-on-one help.
$295.00 for a 6 month subscription.