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Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Getting better at your art work is TOUGH to do on your own!

“Every artist with experience has their own approach to their work that makes their art identifiable and unique. However, beneath all this, is a body of knowledge that is the common denominator to every successful work . The measuring stick is the same for all art because it is based in science. I can give you the knowledge of that measuring stick and how to use it in a simple step by step approach. What you give, to your art is your own unique result made through creative perceptive experience that unfolds in your handling of the brush and the materials you are using”

Carole Finn

OIL OR ACRYLIC/This is a personal and interactive meeting with Carole Finn for those with painting experience who have an art problem and want guidance.

  • For anyone looking for help with the next steps to get their painting finished
  • Anyone with a finished painting who would like a critique to see how they did
  • Painters seeking to find and hone their own style
  • When you sign up you will be sent a link to Google drive to upload pictures
  • Send picture of reference material and Painting to google drive through this link
  • Carole will send you a Zoom Link Personal Mentoring days are Tuesdays.
  • You can email to set up a time and date. You will be sent back a zoom link for a meeting. You may put any of your questions in that email.
  • Each Mentoring Session is 1 Hour.
  • COST - $75.00