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Rock Rubble, Haliburton Forest Ontario : Original


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I chose this picture to paint because of its bold composition. I also wanted to show the change in topography from the easy trek along the forest below the ledge. In many places here the forest floor was just rubble of rock with a thin film of accumulated forest debris over it. Travel was treacherous. At any step you could twist an ankle or trap your leg in a crevasse. I would not want to be making this trip for “Plein Aire” painting. I used triangles a lot in my compositions but not nearly as blatant as this. The little birch was a real shape. The rounded green tree(complimentary of red ) , the light on the rock, and then the bands of red vegetation and the darkened birch are all meant to counteract the strong upward thrust of the rock shape.

Acrylic on Canvas

48″ x 36″

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